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Terms of Serivces

1. Portfolio, You're about to join, is completely LEGAL and contain NO NUDITY, sexual or lewd materials!!! All models are having their parents consent to appear on this site and have signed authorization and Model release papers. If You feel uncomfortable viewing this kind of ARTistic piece or supposing/willing to find some 'crappy stuff' here - please LEAVE NOW by closing this page!!!

2. You can view it (folio) any number of times absolutely securely during your subscription period!

3. You are not allowed to copy, public review, resell or post to the usenet our artwork material, which is copyrighted by ART-Modeling inc! You can store data on your HD, but you can't use them for your own or somebody's commercial purposes, unless You have our permission. You can not share these pictures with other subscribers or non-subscribers of the following services. Please pay attention to legal notice! We will track any violation and illegal activity and the abusers will be prosecuted to the highest extent of law possible - please take it seriousely!

4. All outfits are available for order/preorder and in different sizes plus colors. Custom wear creation is also possible. Shipping worldwide to the confirmed address. For more information (prices, shipping fees, etc...) please feel free to contact our support team/designers dept.**

5. If you are wishing to use our materials in commerce, you need to buy a license from us. Just send us an e-mail, including all data about your company/agency (incl. license) with the complete description of what exactly you need (copyright, hiring of the models etc...).

6. In order to make any payments/purchases/donations You certify that You are 18+ years old.

7. Your subscription completely depends on the payment! If we don't get paid for it, we're reserving the right to revoke it at any time without a prior notice! You will have to contact proper authority for a refund. Access sharing is not allowed and can cause account termination or blocking and a ban on the results of investigation!

8. Contacts. Please use our ticketing system to solve any of your problems. All other methods will be ignored, unless cleared up/allowed with/by support desk!

9. Unauthorized transactions, chargebacks, refunds* will be investigated and all terms violators will get punished really hard according to the LAW! Such customers will be also banned all around modeling networks!


* - You can request refund directly from the service, in case if You didn't use it. Once You have used it, we'll commit refund request as a cheat/fraud - permanent ban will follow as an action! So please think twice before You do anything!

** - Service temporary unavailable.

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